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Auction Property Investors Assisted With £78,000 For North-East Refurb Project

Chordis Capital was approached by a very successful husband and wife team who purchase, refurbish, and sell single houses in the Northeast. They had been successful at auction with their next project.

We immediately got to work on pushing this case through our process because of the time constraints involved with auction purchases. We worked closely with our own solicitors and the clients to keep everyone on the same page and up to date with any changes that could affect the schedule. And thanks to our excellent communications set-up, the speed of our solicitors, and the tenacity of our team to make sure everything was done on time, we completed on schedule.

Putting our facility flexibility and fast response time into action, we were happy to assist with this project.

  • Loan Details: 85% LTV, day one funds being £78,000.
  • Term: 9 Months.

Thanks to our speed and efficiency our client was able to purchase the property within the required auction timeframe. They are now making good progress in their refurbishment project and are looking to sell on for a profit once finished.

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