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Property Developer Takes On Major £1.76m Project In Just 9 Months With Chordis

Our client had just completed a development project of 46 apartments and had started to successfully sell the units.

A property they had already identified for their next project came onto market and they needed to complete on the purchase quickly or risked losing it.

Thanks to our expert credit team and the close working relationship we have without our brokers, a loan was agreed within only a couple of hours! We had to be flexible with the loan amount whilst the facility was being established, because the apartments were continuing to sell. We worked very closely with a local valuation firm and our solicitors to ensure that a swift completion occurred.

The client has been able to move on and is now drawing up plans for the next project – which we are also now looking to fund on our new property development product.

  • Loan agreed: £1.76m
  • Term: 9 Months.

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